Here are all the SRG coin statistics

Block Time1 Minute
Difficulty Re-targetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase)14000 SRG
Max Coin Supply50,000,000 SRG
2,500,000 SRG

Below is the breakdown of the Proof-of-Stake and Masternode rewards within the corresponding phase. As the blockchain advances, the reward advantage of hosting a Masternode increases significantly.

PhaseBlock HeightReward Per BlockMasternodeStaking
1152-14000015 SRG60% (5.25 SRG)40% (9.75 SRG)
2140,001-41460016 SRG60% (6.4) SRG)40% (9.60 SRG)
3414,601-599,93114 SRG  
4599,932-999,93111 SRG  
5999,932-1,499,9318 SRG  
61,499,932-2,499,9316 SRG  
72,499,932-5,499,9314 SRG  
85,499,932-∞3 SRG  

The wallet addresses below are utilizes for daily operations.

Wallet AddressTag      Block Explorer + Funds Amount
CZHjycnLHjyZzU9WeJnc2aWMmgnqK1Ttho           Marketing ExpensesSurge Offical Explorer ( 450k SRG
Wallet AddressTagBlock Explorer + Funds Amount
CQETq7uHtbPs3Uh1iK9rWKL2Y8yZ8emPmF              Operations Maintenance  Surge Offical Explorer ( 1,540,000 SRG
Wallet AddressTagBlock Explorer + Funds Amount
CM1wRP9GTJJ3deWW3VTMXUwiPV4NHhzFiS           Coin Initial ExpensesSurge Offical Explorer ( 10,000 SRG 
Wallet AddressTag           Block Explorer + Funds Amount
CTGzpwbY2Zg2xAtH6zJyoPJ1N25a2GMonq                 Community IncentiveSurge Offical Explorer ( 200,000 SRG

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