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Streaming has become a huge activity in most peoples daily routine. Just on Twitch alone there is over 140 million active streamers on monthly, that is huge! The industry is currently worth 70 billion dollars across the globe, over the past 2 years with corona virus with us the threat of the pandemic has caused everyone to stay home and move online. The industry alone covers many topics for all ages to get involved in from talk shows, films, music with gaming being the biggest of them all. With the emerge of the latest technology and services across the world being created daily what’s to stop this industry taking over the internet.

Why simply play a video game by yourself when you can play it to an audience? You’ve got nothing better to do while locked up in your apartment. With video game live streaming services, you can turn your hobby into an interactive performance that others can enjoy. If you become popular enough, you may even earn a living from your shows. But don’t worry; if you’re camera shy, these same services provide plenty of great ways to watch video game live streams, too. Live streaming is arguably the biggest thing happening in the gaming world right now, so there’s no better time to get on board.

The best part of the streaming industry is that it’s not just about gaming, there is so many possibilities that you can do and achieve such as home renovations, gardening, hobbies, talk shows and much more. We do not just offer a place for you to show your streams. One of the main services we offer is different to platforms suchs as twitch which is focused on videos only, we offer a way for you to blog what your like and attach it to your video stream, with this being a feature you can gain more of an audience in our eyes so those who wish to can read your blog before they watch your stream. This is also gives you a way to give tips and tricks on what you are streaming to. Streaming via SURGE Platform is a popular choice for You.

Hello there!
I’m Hunter Canimun and I'm a founder of Surge.

Here is some information about me and what my role is for Surge.

I was first introduce to crypto currency back in 2019 and caught interest in it’s movements from day 1. Within a few months of being around crypto daily i wanted to start up my own project in some way or form. I did some research and that’s when i came up with my first project Smart Crypto Tech my first project. 18 months down the line i came up with my 2nd project with my founding partner and SURGE was created.

I created Surge with my founding partner and throughout the first year i worked with my team to construct the best use case for streamers to be interested in. There was some hurdles we had to over come and we are still working on them daily as most projects do. With the start of the new year 2022 we looked for a fresh start to bring the best services that suit all types of streamers. We have built this platform for those that love to stream but also share content for each stream. Yes this platform allows streamers to share information about there stream, social media and much more!

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